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Oral source - code 348

Date: 24/05/2010
Interview place: Timisoara
Interviewer: Adrian Onica
Number of tapes: 2
Interview duration: 2h.30
The interview was published: YES
(Smaranda Vultur, Adriana Onica (ed.), "Basarabeni si bucovineni in Banat", Editura Marineasa, Timisoara, 2010.).
Interview location: bucovineni
Other observations: interviul apare in "Basarabeni si bucovineni in Banat" in forma editata

Informatii despre persoana

Genre: M
Anul nasterii: 1930
Birth place: Cernauti
Places were the preson lived (in what periods): Cernauti (1936 - 1944) Bucuresti (1940; 1944)- refugiat Podari, Craiova (1944 - 1948) Timisoara (1948 - prezent)
Generational group: 1930-1939
Marital status: Casatorit
Religion: Ortodox
Ethnic group: Roman (bucovinean)
Studies: Invatamant superior
Military training: Not done
What wars he/she witnessed:
Profession: economist
Job: economist Fabrica de zahar, CFR, Gostat Sag, directia apelor Timisoara


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